Our products are extracted from virgin oils from our own long-established and sustainable plantations that are Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certified. Our plantations were established in 1968 by the British Commonwealth Development Fund in conjunction with the local government.

SOP Nutraceuticals Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of the listed company SOP Bhd, which has a long history of compliance to all the rules of Malaysian Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia).


We are committed to the utilization of materials that are Not Genetically Modified. Being part of a fully vertically-integrated business, we can ensure that our materials are exactly what we intend them to be.


Our plantations are long established, and well managed, enabling us to effectively utilize the land by achieving 10 to 15 times higher yield of oil per acre as compared with lower-yielding seed oil crops such as canola(rapeseed) and soyabean.

Our plantations are MSPO certified, versus most seed oil crops that are not certified sustainable.

Open burning is never used in our plantations, unlike for other crops such as sugar cane.

It should be noted that the carbon dioxide capture capability of our plantations is comparable to that of rainforest.

Unlike seed crops, which support very little wildlife, you will find a host of flora and fauna in our plantations, such as monkey, snake, owl, hornbills and other birds, spiders, insects and flowers, some of which act as natural pesticides.

We can therefore maintain our clean, green and sustainable production.